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Some questions you might have:

Do I have to visit all programs on the tour or stay the full visit time as outlined in the itinerary?

Please review each itinerary of interest to you thoroughly to determine the tourís value prior to reserving your space to insure the programs and schools on any given tour meet your specialty criteria expertise and touring needs.

The itinerary indicates the time period scheduled for your visit at each program. We have allocated each program the amount of time they feel is required for a thorough tour. The programs have invested in your visit. In most cases they have worked hard in advance of your visit to provide you with the best tour experience possible. On a CKC Tour, out of respect for the programís investment in your visit and their interest in providing you with the best tour experience possible, you are expected to stay on each programís tour until the designated time of tour conclusion.

I had an unsatisfactory stay at a hotel on a CKC Tour. What can I do?

Please take the matter up immediately and directly with the hotel. CKC Tours cannot be held responsible for an individualís unsatisfactory stay. CKC Tours endeavors to provide comfortable, clean, safe, consistent accommodations on tours. Your feedback is welcomed however and we will take the necessary steps on future tours to avoid hotels receiving unsatisfactory reviews.

The tour takes us right by a program Iíd like to see or where I have a student enrolled who Iíd like to visit. Is there any reason I shouldnít stop in?

Yes, there are several. The programs and schools participating on your CKC Tour have contributed to your traveling expenses. If a program is not on a tour they did not. In all fairness, visiting consultants must stick to the tour to honor the investments made by the programs and/or schools toward your visit and to keep the tour on schedule. Additionally, it is important to me, as a professional, that CKC Tours has earned the trust of participating programs and schools and it is important to me that that trust is maintained.

It is difficult for me to get away during the week. Can a CKC Tour include weekend visits?

CKC Tours will not request programs participate in Saturday or Sunday visits as the program dynamic is usually not consistent with the rest of the week, key personnel they would like you to meet with may not be available and where applicable, the educational component cannot be demonstrated appropriately.

What if a consultant has seen one or two or more of the programs on a tour but wants to see the others?

Interested consultants should contact me and we will discuss it. If you have seen a program or school within the last year my policy is not to charge the program or school you are visiting for your share of travel expenses for that visit although you are welcomed and encouraged to tour. However, if you have not seen the program or school for more than 365 days the full fee applies. The dynamics of each tour will be examined on a case by case basis.

As a consultant, what expenses might I expect to pay on a CKC Tour?

These expenses will vary. Call Kay to discuss in advance of booking your tour.

What happens if I have to bow out before the tour departs?

If a consultant must bow out of a tour after a ticket has been purchased, the consultant will not be reimbursed for their airline ticket. The consultant keeps the ticket and the value can (in most cases) be used toward future travel on that carrier for any purpose within one year. There may be change fees associated which will be the responsibility of the consultant. If a consultant must cancel their participation on a CKC Tour the consultant is responsible for checking with the airline on their particular ticket cancellation/reissue policy.

What happens if I have to leave during a tour in the event of an emergency?

CKC Consultant Tour Services will assist with any arrangements necessary to get you where you need to be and the consultant will be responsible for any expense incurred...change fees, additional airfare, emergency ground transportation, etc. There is no CKC charge for this service. It will be held in good faith that no consultant will leave a tour unless it is absolutely necessary...a true emergency.

All travel schedules are approved by consultants in advance. Any expenses associated with travel changes made after schedule approval will be the responsibility of the consultant.

Will programs be charged/consultants provided travel expense assistance if a consultant has to leave a tour due to an emergency or weather event during the tour?

Programs which do not get to share their program with a consultant(s) are invoiced only for the number of consultants who do tour your program or school. Consultants do not receive travel expense assistance for/from any program or school they do not visit for any reason which was on a tour itinerary.

I am sure there must be many more questions. Frequently asked questions and answers will be available and updated on the website and I am always available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail.